Materials & Techniques

In our workshop we use traditional techniques typical of jewelery and silverware: metal casting, rolling, cutwork, welding, inlaying, filing, stone setting and polishing…

In the production of serial collections, we also use the lost wax casting technique, consisting of obtaining a rubber mold from the original, making waxes for each piece and melting the silver. Later, these pieces are enameled on fire.

The enameling is made in the following way: using a brush, the bas-reliefs that we have previously created in silver are filled with ceramic enamel crystals. Then they are heated in the oven at a temperature between 750 and 800 degrees Celsius. After checking that the enamel has melted onto the silver, it is retouched with sandpaper and the final polished finish is given.

Design & Creativity

I make my own designs in sterling silver combined with fire enamel, wood and molten glass, among other materials. I have always created and drawn my own jewelry…

Starting from an initial idea that can arise from different sources of inspiration —from an element of nature such as a flower or moving water to a well-known work of art— I carry out a work of aesthetic and technical reflection, which finally materializes in the sketchbook with some schematic designs, which will lead to the creation of new jewelry.

Year after year I add new collections, always innovating and looking for new sources of inspiration. At the same time, I keep learning and practicing new techniques, and regularly attending specialized training courses.

All my collections have matching earrings (long or pressure), pendants, rings and bracelets. Some of them, which are in high demand, have become ‘a classic’ and I am still making them nowadays.

Custom works

I occasionally design and make personal and exclusive pieces, on request, both for individuals and for companies or entities…

Maternidade pendant

College of Podiatrists pin

Son de Son pendant

Since 1986

Career path

I started more than thirty years ago, like many other artisans, selling my creations in the Plaza de Santa Ana in Madrid. In 1986, together with José Martín, I founded the Reflection Workshop, in which we created chests, triptychs and mirrors in different materials (nickel silver, brass and copper) with the technique of acid etching.

Since 2000, designing and creating alone under my stage name Rosa Higuero, I have specialized in the work of silver combined with enamel on fire, precious metals, wood, glass and methacrylate.

After finishing my studies in Artistic Jewelery and Design at the Massana School (Barcelona), in 2007 I decided to return to Galicia and create a new space-workshop with an exhibition of pieces in Pontevedra (A Coruña). It is an ecological and sustainable workshop to the maximum extent, both in its construction and in the production of parts and energy management processes.


Below are some of the studies and courses that I consider most important for my technical and artistic training:

  • Specialization course in copper enameling. Oxidation, tempering and past fire, taught by Marcelo Bessi. (Porto, Portugal. 2019).
  • Design course applied to jewelry, taught by Pitt Berkemeyer. (Santiago de Compostela, 2010).
  • Higher Degree in Artistic Jewelry and Gemology at the Maestro Mateo School. (Santiago de Compostela, 2004-2006).
  • Higher Degree in Jewelry at the Massana School. (Barcelona, 2001-2004):
    • Glazed on fire (Carmen Español)
    • Artistic Jewelry (Carlos Codina and Ramón Puig)
    • Chiselled applied to jewelry (Carmen Amador)
    • Design applied to jewelry (Silvia Waltz).
  • Chiselling and Embossing Course, taught by Julio Lado. (Santiago de Compostela, 2000).
  • Studies at the Auri-Faber Jewelry School, taught by Carlos Pereira Calviño. (A Coruña, 1998-2000).
  • Artistic Drawing Course, taught by Elena Piñeiros (Ferrol, 1996).
  • Studies of traditional jewelry with Manuel De la Fuente Rozados (Ferrol, 1996-1998).

Professional association

  • Member of the Galician Crafts Association since 1986 (AGA).
  • Member of the Arts Association of Ourense (ADAO).
  • Artisan Letter No. 444, issued by the Xunta de Galicia on 02/13/1995.
  • Craft Workshop Qualification Document No. 433 issued by the Xunta de Galicia on 11/13/2001.


I regularly participate in the craft fairs circuit, both nationally (Mostrart, Bilbao, Seville, Reconquistarte, Farcama, Salamanca…) and internationally (Milan, Florence, Paris, Munich, Porto and Lisbon).